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Let’s Get This Party Started

Posted by saraherthanyou on September 18, 2009

28 days of unemployment. Wow. And I’m bored, folks. I am continually sending resumes and cover letters into the abyss.

How else do I fill my time? Well, let’s see. Law & Order is probably on somewhere around 130 hours a week, so that helps pass the time. And I go to the gym because that’s free. Then there’s Twitter and my Google Reader.

But probably more constructive (or self-indulgent) would be a blog of my very own. So here we go, folks. I’m Sarah-er than you.


One Response to “Let’s Get This Party Started”

  1. sarah:

    i have a great unemployment fantasy: volunteering.

    when you find a job that you’d like to apply for, depending on the “industry,” find out if you can volunteer for them. get your feet in the door, literally, by working for them, for free.

    i know, it sounds crazy. but it gives you something to do and it gives them a way to get to know you, without paying you. pretty soon, someone is bound to leave, you’re bound to be doing something helpful when they do, and voila!

    what do you think?

    when i daydream about leaving my (insert words: lame, shitty) job, i daydream about stalking the passions and pursuits that matter most to me. perhaps this is something you share?

    stephanie (your MB friend!)

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