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Happy Unemployment to You Too

Posted by saraherthanyou on September 23, 2009

So last week, as I was lamenting my first full month of unemployment, I also had my HVAC unit serviced. The two events weren’t related. So the service company comes out to do my fall servicing (that’s what she said) and I was relieved because it was covered under the cost of a yearly contract, which I had already paid.

Except it’s never that easy. See, while I replaced the HVAC unit in my apartment about 2 years ago, the rooftop unit is about as old as me. You can see where this is going. The service dude finds problems. The short of it is, we can either replace the rooftop unit now (and pay $2400) or pay a couple hundred to patch it up and wait for it to die. Knowing my luck, it’ll die in the middle of winter and we’d freeze for a few days before it could be replaced.

So I’m sucking it up and replacing it now. Not the best time for it and certainly not an expense I had budgeted for, but I might not be better off if it dies in a few months and I’m still unemployed.

Ah, the joys of home ownership.


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