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Football Vs. Baseball

Posted by saraherthanyou on October 14, 2009

Almost everyday Jim listens to 610 WIP, a Philadelphia sports talk radio station. Most of the time I only catch snippets as I’m applying for jobs or doing my own web stuff. However yesterday, the sports jocks were discussing how most women were baseball fans, not football fans.

This started after a caller explained that he was watching the Phillies playoff game Monday night, and his girlfriend, who had built a fire in the room where he was watching, made him move to another room so she could watch Monday night football. For the record, she was also from Philly and didn’t have a huge stake in the Dophins-Jets game.

But I was shocked that the sports jocks assumed that more women were baseball fans than football fans (and even said they understood women being hockey fans, but not football). Why? Is it so physical that we delicate flowers can’t handle it? Too complicated that our female brains can’t comprehend the rules? If my friends are any indication, football is WAY more popular than baseball among women and I live in Washington, with the pitiful Redskins!

For me, baseball gets boring; there’s a lot of inaction. Waiting for a hit, waiting for a run or stolen base. Football, besides the fantasy aspect that might get a girl interested initially, is always moving. All of the players move every down. There are hits every down.

Where do you weigh in? Are you a football or baseball fan?


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