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Kicking Into High Gear

Posted by saraherthanyou on October 20, 2009

I’ll just say it. The Great Job Search of 2009 hasn’t been going so well. It’s not for lack of effort, I imagine competition is fierce. So I’m kicking it into high gear. I’ve retooled my resume and I’m getting it out to more place with better cover letters. I’ll let the universe do the rest.

On another front, I rolled over my 401k to an IRA and need to decide where to put the money. I need to totally rebalance my portfolio anyway, which is probably true for 99% of the population after the year we’ve had. I’m going to ruminate a bit more on my asset allocation before diving in.

Finally, I’ve turned into the craft queen over here. I’ve got the knitting thing down and now I’m working on a bunch of projects, I’m making window pillows to keep the cold air out (and boy did DC turn cold in the last week) and I’ve got some sewing to do to finish up my Halloween costume! And this year, my costume is cold-weather appropriate! Post-25-year common sense is kicking in too!


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