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A Year of Wishing

Posted by saraherthanyou on November 9, 2009

The Wishing YearI’m currently breezing through The Wishing Year: A House, A Man, My Soul, which I first heard about from my Mondo Beyondo class. After learning more about Noelle Oxenhandler, the author, I was hooked because she is so down-to-earth even though her book is about dreaming and wishing. And so far, that holds true. I think the best part about the book for me is that Noelle is a skeptic, she doesn’t immediately believe that her wishes will come true, even though she is giving herself a year focused on wishing.

Noelle discusses her religious background and how the Catholic part feels that you can only wish and pray for things that benefit others, such as wishing that a family whose house burned down will find a new shelter or someone who is gravely ill recovers. She reflects that she isn’t brazen enough to put her wishes out there as others she encounters, which is something I can relate to.

I’m a skeptic, for sure, and the whole Mondo Beyondo idea was a project in suspending disbelief. I want to believe that we can get everything any of us wish for by focusing and keeping the mind open to opportunities. But the skeptic wonders if we truly deserve everything we wish for. That’s what appeals to me most about Noelle’s book. She decides what she wants at the beginning of the year and, during the first few months of the project, she keeps those wishes close to the vest.

I’ve only read through April, so I’ll have to update this once I’ve completed the book.


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