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New Year’s Eve: Bust or Blast?

Posted by saraherthanyou on November 17, 2009

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and I’m already supposed to make New Year’s Eve plans.

You’re aware that’s 43 days away, right? But my friends have already picked their party and hassled me about buying tickets. And I caved.

But New Year’s Eve is one of those nights with a lot of anticipation that’s never as fun as you imagine. And it’s one of those nights when restaurants and bars jack up their prices for the sake of increased profits, not providing a greater service. Just ask any couple that’s celebrated Valentine’s Day at a restaurant.

Two of my favorite New Year’s memories sit on opposite sides of the spectrum. My sophomore year in college, one of my best friends from high school invited me to celebrate in NYC at her friend’s family’s restaurant. (Did you follow that?) The restaurant was close to Times Square and was filled with college kids. I don’t remember how much we spent, but we had an amazing time and were even able to run out to see the ball drop at midnight.

My other favorite memory was a house party a friend threw that cost virtually nothing. The party was with my closest friends so we all counted down to midnight together, and all it cost was a case of beer.

What are your favorite New Year’s Eve memories?


One Response to “New Year’s Eve: Bust or Blast?”

  1. Bryan said

    1998 and 1999. I was 16 and 17, respectively. Epic house parties, lots of alcohol but low cost, still felt like I was doing something naughty.


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