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In Defense of Gift Cards

Posted by saraherthanyou on December 3, 2009

When did everyone decide to hate on gift cards? People think that they are tacky, show no thought, etc. But here’s my argument in favor of gift cards.

Jim and I live in a 530 square foot apartment. There is not a lot of room for stuff, so it’s difficult to brainstorm a list of appropriate gift ideas. Also, I am unemployed. (You’d never guess from my blog, right?) So I haven’t exactly been making lists of things I want. Right now I’m focusing on the bare necessities (anytime I use that phrase, the song from The Jungle Book pops into my head).

For me, a gift card gives me the opportunity to go into a store and not feel guilty about buying some makeup, a fancy shampoo or a shirt I don’t really need. Or, if I get one of those credit card-type gift cards, I can use it for a dinner out at a restaurant I wouldn’t consider going to while unemployed.

Why are gift cards so wrong? When pressed for what I want this season, I’m asking for gift cards. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.


One Response to “In Defense of Gift Cards”

  1. Melody said

    I ADORE gift cards! I live in a small space as well, and I have to be choosy about what’s in my space. Additionally, a gift card is really 2 gifts in one: the card itself and the opportunity I wouldn’t normally have to shop. I’m with you on Gift Cards!

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