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Posted by saraherthanyou on October 23, 2009

Why can’t we all believe in our craziest dreams? Why do we talk ourselves out of going after what we really want in life? We tell ourselves that dreaming isn’t practical, that dreaming is only for children. That’s silly. Let’s all dream a bit, shall we?

Here’s a beautiful book from Dallas Clayton on dreaming, called An Awesome Book!


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My Time

Posted by saraherthanyou on October 9, 2009


I’m spending a lot more of my time as quiet time. TV off, maybe just knitting (did I mention I’m teaching myself to knit? Good unemployment activity) or listening to music. I didn’t realize how all consuming Mondo Beyondo would be. It’s in my thoughts and any time I turn my computer off, I wonder if anyone responded to my comments or said anything that I’m also feeling.

It’s exhilirating and a little overwhelming. There are so many members of the class that I can’t get to know everyone, but so many also have the same wishes and desires as me. I’m trying to throw myself into this class with a full heart and an empty mind ready to soak up all of the lessons. Where will I be after the next four weeks?

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On Mondo Beyondo

Posted by saraherthanyou on October 6, 2009

What is Mondo Beyondo, you ask? According to the site, “This five week online class complete with inspiring lessons, real life stories, secret missions, audio interviews and hands-on activities will help you take your dreams from the realm of wishing into everyday motion.”

So why did I sign up for the course? My life up until this point has been a calculation in avoiding risk and taking the easiest path to the end result. I majored in Journalism and Creative Writing in college not because I had a true passion for either, but because I liked them well enough and I could get good grades. I accepted internships to help me get a job, graduated early figuring I’d have an easier time getting a job, and took the first job I was offered.

I seem to do everything by the book and while I hope/dream of having more passion for what I do, I haven’t made any steps to make those dreams come true. I’d love to make a living writing, but I seize up with anxiety every time I sit down to put pen to paper (or tap, tap, tap on the keyboard). I would love to move away from DC, where I’ve spent 22 or the last 26 years, and live some place new, but it’s never the right time to pick up and leave and what if I don’t find a job in the new place…

So it’s time to stop thinking so realistically and start dreaming bigger and trusting that my dreams can become reality.

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I’m Getting My Learning On

Posted by saraherthanyou on September 22, 2009

I had my first language class last night. In my copious amounts of time, now is probably the best time to learn a new language. I have the time to spend to really learn. I took 4 years of a language in middle and high school and remember virtually nothing. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t take it seriously.

So now, I’m starting over to learn everything. If I’m ever going to learn a language, this is my chance.

What are you doing during your unemployment to better yourself?

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